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Jamin Frank owner of Yakima Sports Performance


Jamin Frank

Coach Jamin has been in the industry for over 7 years and has worked with hundreds of clients and athletes throughout the Valley during that time. He was named Best Personal Trainer in Yakima in both 2017 and 2018 and was named Training Director at the Yakima Athletic Club in 2019.

In early 2020 he left the YAC and Yakima Sports Performance was born. When he’s not busy coaching he spends his time with his family and being a Dad! You might also find him on a basketball court or football field on the weekends. Growing up I was a bigger kid. I remember stepping on the scale at 11 or 12 and reading 199. I was shaking and ashamed of myself. I wanted to change that, I was determined to not let that scale read 200. Being that I was only 12 I had no idea what working out was or good nutrition looked like. But that didn’t stop me! I cut out soda and started doing pushups and sit-ups in my dad’s Office. And things started to change. My clothes started fitting better, I could move my body so much easier, I could keep up with my friends when we were racing or playing sports. My life changed. I truly believe this is what set me on this course of being a coach. To help others guide them to where they want to be. Motivation & Passion My passion for coaching comes from wanting to be the coach I would have wanted when I was in school. Someone that can see the potential In me as an athlete and that can help guide me to the next level. My hope is that every athlete that walks through these doors, no matter where they are in their journey, is that I can help get them to where they want to be. And will work tirelessly to get them there.

Lindsey Mccabe coach at Yakima Sports Performance


Lindsey Mccabe

I am a personal trainer/nutrition coach with a passion for helping women of all ages and fitness levels discover their untapped inner and out strength. Strength training builds strength, confidence, and character and it's my mission to help as many women fall in love with it just as I have.

I am also a wife and Mom to three kids, being strong helps me keep up with them. I love lifting, cooking, reading, and just about anything that takes me outdoors when it is warm out. Growing up I did swim team but I really didn’t discover my passion for fitness until my twenties. I started with endurance running and triathlons and later discovered my love for weight lifting. Once I had my first barbell work training session with my coach, I was hooked! Turning Point A big turning point in my life in regard to my health and fitness journey was discovering weight lifting. I, like many young women, grew up learning to always want to be a smaller version of myself and was exposed to many fad diets in my home. I decided in my late twenties that I had had enough of that and reached out to a coach to start strength training. This was the first season in my life where I discovered having other goals than just losing weight. I quickly realized that having strength and performance goals is where it’s at. I realized that as I focused on building a lifestyle that helped me reach those strength goals, my physique was naturally changing to reflect that hard work. I developed a healthy relationship with food for the first time in my life. In 2019 I broke my patella in a spartan race and was devastated at first thinking that I would never be able to do the thing I did pre-injury. After a couple of days of being sad, I resolved to do the rehab work and do everything I could to regain my strength and confidence in the gym. After 1 year I was reaching new squat and deadlift PRs and the recovery process led me to get certified as a personal trainer. I wanted to help other people who struggle with finding their confidence in the gym after a traumatic injury. Motivation & Passion I am passionate about training women of all ages. I want to help as many as possible tap into the strong potential that I know is in every woman.

John Ray coach at Yakima Sports Performance


John Ray

I grew up being a multi-sport athlete in Montana, where sports are king. I played football, basketball, soccer, and rugby. You want to be somebody in that small town, you've got to play sports. So that took the entirety of my time when we weren't hunting or fishing!

As I progressed through to professional rugby, I found my passion for fitness & health. As I traveled from state to state, I saw how poorly the average person’s health was, and knew that I could make an impact. My love for health and my ability to connect with people is what solidified my choice. I found a job that would let me help others, while still allowing me to live out my dream! Over my career, I’ve helped over 100 people get to their goal weight, and achieve their athletic accomplishments to the highest potential! Turning Point I think that after I left school, and kind of lost my strive to be a geologist, I realized the impact I could make while living on an island. I trained at a local YMCA and had people CONSTANTLY approaching me with questions, and trying to get advice on how to get the results they wanted. I began reading up on the best ways to do that, and the rest is history! Motivation & Passion While I thoroughly enjoy working with athletes, and that’s where my passion lies, I’m never too busy for the “average bear”! Sometimes it’s a simple fix that can make all of the difference in someone’s life. A lightbulb goes off, and it all makes sense. I’m looking to work with WINNERS, regardless of your goals. I don’t like when people give up when things get hard, so expect to be pushed and held accountable. If you’re looking to reach new heights and change your lifestyle for the better, then I’m the guy for you!

Lawrence Fiander coach at Yakima Sports Performance


Lawrence Fiander

I've been an athlete all of my life. My sport is basketball. I went to White Swan High School where I still hold the scoring record of 1,627 points. I was at number 7 all-time all valley at the time of the record. I then attended YVCC.

Once my collegiate career was over, I needed to find a new hobby so I could stay healthy as basketball was the majority of my fitness health prior. That is when I found the love of weightlifting and haven’t looked back since. Motivation & Passion My purpose for coaching is to introduce people to the fitness lifestyle. My end goal is that my clients will carry their journey on after me. I want to show them what they are capable of. I want them to have that same excitement I had once I found out what I was capable of. Also, I want to help youth in the weight room and show them how important it is for their sports. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a mentor in the weight room so I want to be that guy for a lot of the youth. I can help with any sport, but my expertise is basketball as I have the knowledge of what should be worked on at a higher level.

Jared Copeland coach at Yakima Sports Performance


Jared Copeland

Jared grew up a multi-sport athlete in the Yakima Valley. Though he played basketball and football, his passion was baseball. He has worked with pitchers and hitters from YVC and West Valley through the years and continues to learn how best to train his clients.

Hobbies include golf, archery, fly-fishing, hunting, breath work, meditation, and reading to name a few (did we mention golf?). He also coaches his son’s soccer and lacrosse teams. He hopes to eventually earn his Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree and continue to work with athletes. Turning Point An injury to my ankle at 20yo in a baseball tournament left me with a severely sprained ankle and riding the couch for 3 months as I had no idea what to do to treat it. I gained 60 lbs like it was nothing. I remember looking at myself in the mirror, 265 lbs of out-of-shape looking back at me, I had to make a change. I quit my job as a package delivery driver and began working in the gym industry. I became a cycling instructor, began practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, cleaned up my diet, and took my life back from the injured athlete who got down. Now, my goal is to educate athletes to realize their full potential. Injuries, whether minor or major will happen, but we can be better prepared for them and get back on the field faster. Motivation & Passion I coach because I love athletics. I love watching people attain the goals they have set out to achieve. More importantly, I love the process. We play the game to win, otherwise what’s the point? However, it’s the grind in the gym, on the field, in the classroom, and in your mind, that determines the outcome of a game long before it’s ever played; that area and its potential are what excites me. We as former athletes and you as current athletes are capable of so much more than we realize. Let’s realize it together!


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